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Honors information opportunities are blended this fall. We will offer both virtual and in-person channels to connect.

Zoom Honors Admissions and Student Experience Information Sessions

We will offer three Zoom Information sessions, during which we will give formal presentations of Honors College information. These sessions will include curricular overviews, requirements, application directions and more from our Program Manager for Admissions and Honors Ambassadors. We will provide break-out rooms to dig a little deeper into your questions.

Instagram with Student Ambassadors


Also, our Honors student ambassadors are hosting Instagram takeover stories every weekday starting on September 27. These takeovers are designed to provide you a way to ask direct questions of our current students, one-on-one. Below, you will find the schedule for these takeovers where you can DM your questions. You will also find information on our ambassadors. Feel free to chat with the ambassador with who you find something in common (major, hometown or state, etc.). Our ambassadors will be online 1 hour at a time for each session held.

In-Person Tours and Student Experience Information Sessions

Lastly, Honors Ambassadors will offer on-campus tours and general student experience information sessions on various Mondays and Fridays beginning in September. Tours will meet in the Marriott Honors Community lobby at 4:30 p.m. These sessions will last up to 90 minutes.

Zoom admissions and student experience Information sessions

All sessions have already occurred. We will have Honors Choice Day Information Sessions beginning as early as late January. Please email D.Walker-Pecoraro@Honors.Utah.Edu if you have any questions or would like to meet about admissions.

Instagram (Beginning September 27):

Ambassadors will takeover the Honors Instagram biweekly to answer your questions and give you more insight about Honors at the U!

Mondays with Rayne at 4pm

Tuesdays with Claire at 11am

Wednesdays with Liam at 10am

Thursdays with Francisco at 4pm

Fridays with Jaylie at 2pm

In-person tours and student experience information sessions

November: 8, 12, 19, 22


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Honors Choice Days

We will likely have both virtual and in-person oppertunities. Check back when our Fall 2021 admissions decisions are released in January for dates and times.


Salma Rios

Salma Rios

Hi! I am Salma, a first-generation student from Mexico, but I have lived in Sandy, Utah most of my life. I am pursuing two Bachelor of Science degrees in political science and criminology at the University of Utah, as well as two minors in psychology and sociology. I’m currently a senior and plan to graduate in the spring of 2022. At the University of Utah, I currently hold a lead ambassador position for the Honors College. I am also a research assistant for a pilot study from the Department of Psychiatry. The study focuses on recruiting Mexican American participants to study the effects of air pollution on brain aging and on the onset of Alzheimer’s. In addition, I’m currently living in Washington, DC as a Hinckley intern for the Ibarra Strategy Group, which is a public affairs firm. As a Latina, I love working with my community which is why in 2020, I interned at Comunidades Unidas, a non-profit organization in Utah that empowers the Latinx community to recognize its full potential and become a self-sufficient positive force for change within the community. My position there was as a community organizer and the lead intern for the Vote For 2 campaign. As part of my role in the campaign, I registered members of the Latinx community to vote during the 2020 elections. While completing my internship, I also educated and empowered the community by creating educational materials and conducting virtual presentations on tobacco usage, voter registration, DACA, and the importance of filling out the 2020 Census. Outside of school, I love to try new things, explore the places around me, watch movies, go to the gym, listen to music, eat delicious food, spend time with friends and family, and meet new people! I am excited to be working with the other honors ambassadors to help honors students feel welcomed, excited about their studies, and their futures! I love the honors college because it has given me a community and plenty of opportunities. It has been a great experience, and I am excited to share that with everyone! If you have any questions or want to connect, I would be more than happy to do that.

Rayne Robinson

Rayne Robinson

I’m a senior at the U double majoring in Health, Society, and Policy and Sociology with minors in Psychology and Pediatric Clinical Research. I grew up in Nampa, Idaho, and graduated from Columbia High School in May of 2018. Since I’ve been at the U, I’ve worked with the Utah Clemente Program at East High School as a teaching assistant and worked multiple jobs on campus including a work-study position through the Honors College. I choose to attend the U because it allowed me to obtain a world-class education close to home while experiencing a new city and state along with the many experiences that the Honors College provides. The honors college was the selling point for the U since I could join a living-learning community (LLC) as well as work towards a more rounded college education through investigation in the liberal arts that I might not receive within my major. Outside of the classroom, I can be found in my favorite study spot in the union, hanging out in a hammock, and spending time with friends. My advice for those new to the U is to get involved on campus whether that is through an intermural sport, a student organization, or volunteering on campus.
 Rayne Robinson

Jaylie Montoya

Jaylie Montoya

Hi I’m Jaylie, a senior at the University of Utah. I am majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in sports science and minoring in Health and Nutrition. I have always had a passion for sports and fitness so, naturally, Kinesiology was a perfect fit! I enjoy playing sports and going to the gym so I find myself at the student life center in my free time. I also work at the Honors Center. I grew up in Utah and live at home so I am quite familiar with the TRAX (public transit). I am currently working on my Honors thesis.

Liam Hammons

Liam Hammons

I would not be at the University of Utah without the influences and environment I grew up in. I spent my formative years in rural Northern Utah (Fielding if you’re interested) after a few years spent bouncing around the southwest. I spent many days irrigating fields, working with animals, weeding gardens, cleaning pens, and building/repairing sheds and fences. The days I wasn’t working, I swam with a local club, played piano, and helped run our family’s goat herd. My mom homeschooled me, and her teaching developed a love of learning, an awareness of the world, and a desire to improve the lives of those around me. These experiences helped support me when I embarked for college. Moving from a small rural town of about 300-400 people to Salt Lake City was a bit of a change, but I was very lucky to land in the Honors college, where the small classes and great professors helped me keep my balance during a turbulent freshman year. My time at the U has included a major change (Piano performance to English), a stint as an Honors ambassador, work on campus, several research papers, and so much else. I’ve learned so much about navigating the structure of the University, managing time, and being true to your goals. One goal that has stayed consistent: help those who come behind you. I want to help make new first-year student’s experience incredibly rewarding, fulfilling, and challenging. Whether that’s through a conversation over coffee, going for hike between class, or just shooting texts back and forth, I’m up for it.

Claire Ticknor

Claire Ticknor

I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering Major with an emphasis in Robotics and Controls. This was not always true as I changed my major from Biomedical Engineering after three semesters here at the U. I am originally from Los Alamos, New Mexico which means I have gone through the process of gaining residency at the University of Utah. I have lived in Honors Housing for three years in two different living learning communities (Research in the Sciences and Thesis Mentoring). I also have worked in two different on-campus research laboratories, one through the Departments of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering and the other being the Laboratory for Laser-Based Manufacturing in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. My latest summer research internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory, along with parts of my current research is being done completely remotely. Along with this, I currently work on-campus as an Undergraduate Research Leader through the Office of Undergraduate Research and volunteer with the Society of Women Engineers.

Francisco Meza

Francisco Meza

Francisco Meza is currently a second-year student double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. Driven by past experience working with and for underrepresented communities, they aim to make sure that all new and prospective students enter a welcoming university environment. As an Honors Ambassador their goals include providing information regarding all that the university has to offer to best help students as they begin navigating through their academic career at the university. As for hobbies, in their free time they’ll often be found reading or swimming. Hometown: South Jordan, UT