Steven Calhoun

I am an energetic and creative Multidisciplinary Design Student with a focus on sustainable practices and iterative thinking. My passion for design sprouts from my passion for nature. I believe that an iterative design process with a focus on materiality and global impact leads to a better quality of life for all.  If you can’t find me sketching designs with coffee in the other hand, I am most likely out in the mountains hugging a tree.

Steven Calhoun, a junior studying Multi-Disciplinary Design is this year’s Whitby Fellow. Chosen for his outstanding design and marketing skills, Steven will use his graphic design skills in production of promotion materials, branding, marketing campaigns and social media/website information.

Generously funded by Mr. Paul and Karen Whitby, the Whitby Fellow was born from Paul Whitby’s particular interest in Honors students graduating with tangible work experiences and skills. After working through school, Mr. Whitby (’68) graduated with an HBA in (History) and graduated from Columbia Law School (in 1971). As first Chair of the National Honors Advisory Board, he helped establish an alumni network and the tradition of college advancement among alumni and community members. He continues to support the Honors College via the Whitby Fellow. He lives and works in New York City.

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