HONOR 3005 International Leadership Academy

Become part of a new generation of world leaders.

The current challenges of globalization call for a new kind of leader, equipped to manage organizations whether in international business, government, or the non-profit sector. Future leaders need to display an understanding of political, economic, and social global forces and the skills to manage those forces within organizations. The ability to identify priorities, obtain necessary resources, implement policies, and achieve results is constrained by these global forces. Global capitalism, democracy, and communication technologies call for a new kind of leadership, but what kind and for what end? What kind of leader is most effective in the age of globalization? What kind of global leader do you want to be? Discover answers to these questions through an assigned mentor, weekly guest speakers and student-designed international projects for the campus.
ILA imageHONOR 3005 International Leadership Academy
T, H 9:10-10:30 am

Fulfills IR and HON Requirements

Professor Howard Lehman, director of the International Leadership Academy

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