HONOR 3100 Humanities in Focus

Give voice through visual and written expression to otherwise unheard individuals in our community.

Honors students join with a group of diverse people who represent a variety of ethnicities. Through this course they are given the opportunity to discover and articulate their own voices through creative writing and documentary film production. HIF is a carefully designed course that includes writing and documentary-making classes to deepen the understanding of the human condition. By bringing together Honors students and a populace that has been previously excluded from college humanities education, this course provides a unique learning experience unlike anything else on campus.

This year-long course was recently featured in the U’s Continuum Magazine. Click the link to read a more in-depth description of the course and view some sample documentaries from previous years.

Video and original score by Sam Katz, Honors HIF student from 2013-2014.

Other HIF documentaries can be seen here.

HONOR 3100 Humanities in Focus
M 6:30-8:30 pm

Fulfills DV, FF and HON requirements

Professor Jeff Metcalf, recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2014

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