Living Learning Communities

All students living in Honors residence spaces are members of a Living Learning Community (LLC) or themed communities, in which a small cohort of students shares living space, along with selected classes and/or activities.

“Learning communities can offer more: curricular coherence; integrative, high-quality learning; collaborative knowledge-construction; and skills and knowledge relevant to living in a complex, messy, diverse world.”

Students who participate in these type of communities tend to earn higher grades, graduate on time and feel more connected to the university [1].

First Year Housing

Honors College Living Learning Communities (LLCs)
LLCs are designed to bring smaller groups of students together within a residence hall. These groups create a small network of Honors students who take one or more required Honors courses together during their first year of college.

**Accepted Students can apply for Honors Housing through their CIS portal in the HousingU application.

The groups also participate in out-of-class co-curricular activities.
• Small groups of Honors students living in the Honors residences
• 1-2 required Honors courses
• Designed for first-year honors students
• Community out of class special events and programming
• First year spots on the Honors Sage Point residence hall floor and the Marriott Honors Community Building

Accepted Students–Would you like to learn more? Would you like to talk through your choices with an Honors Advisor? Sign up for a tour with us for February or March or attend an Honors Choice Day.

Each LLC is made up of a mix of students from different majors, interests, hometowns, etc.

**Honors students are NOT required to live in Honors Housing.**

You can apply to live in for housing through the “Student Housing” square on your CIS profile. The 2019-2020 application opens Saturday, February 9th, with a priority application deadline of Sunday, March 10th. Applications received after this date will be reviewed only after all applicants meeting the priority deadline have received an Honors Housing offer.

All first year Honors students in Honors Housing live in one of our Living & Learning Communities (LLCs) (Click HERE to view). Each LLC requires specific course enrollment and participation. Some of these LLCs are configured as themed Honors Colloquia, organized as a maximal year-long cohort experience around a certain theme.

If you would like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Honors Housing, come to one of our Honors Choice Days or Honors Tours (register HERE).


  • Housing Application Opens: Saturday, February 9th
  • Priority Housing Application Deadline: Sunday, March 10th
  • Honors students are NOT required to live in Honors Housing
  • You may accept other on-campus housing while remaining in Honors Housing waiting pool

Starting after Sunday, March 10th, the Honors College will send housing offers via email where specific LLC requirements will be outlined. Your offer email will also contain the date by which you must accept or decline your offer, or alternatively, be returned to the waiting pool in hopes of receiving a placement in a different LLC. You may accept a different on-campus housing offer while remaining in the Honors Housing waiting pool. If you accept your Honors Housing placement, you will then be able to select your individual bed within your LLC.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough spots available to match the number of Honors Housing applications we receive. This means that we use a lottery process to offer students spaces in Honors Housing. However, all students who remained on the waitlist last year were eventually offered Honors Housing. If you are not interested or able to live on campus, you can independently organize here is Facebook Group (click HERE) for the Honors Class of 2023!

Please contact Matt Kirkegaard at honorshousing@utah.edu or 801-587-1608 with any HONORS housing questions or for more information. Have general housing questions? Call 801-587-2002.


Sophomore through Senior Housing

Upper Division, sophomore through senior, Honors College students have several housing options for LLC or themed communities in the Marriott Honors Community (MHC) or Officers Circle (OC).

Application Process

  1. Consider your choices, then fill out the Honors housing application.
  2. Submit your University Housing application during the month of February. Application goes live February 9th. This step is necessary to be considered for ANY Honors housing.
  3. Honors housing spaces will be granted on a space available basis after March.
    • Honors current students are selected meritoriously. Students who are actively pursuing their honors degree and in good academic standing are competitive.
Sophomore through Senior Housing Application