The Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC)

The Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) represents the Honors student voice. HSAC works towards connecting students with faculty and staff to build a stronger Honors community. Functioning as a student panel, we facilitate information sessions, student forums, meet-and-greet events with professors, and sponsor other events within the community. We encourage all students to be involved and provide input at any time. If interested in obtaining more information or requesting future events, contact us at c.braegger@honors.utah.edu.

To join please fill out this Membership Application.





Megan is a sophomore majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish and Computer Science. She is from Boise, Idaho, and loves the U because it provides amazing academics in a city surrounded by endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Apart from HSAC, Megan loves to play tennis with the U’s Tennis Club and play the piano in her free time.






Hannah Samowitz is a fourth year student in the Honors College, working towards an HBS in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She is from Salt Lake City, and loves going to the U because she can work towards an honors degree from a tier 1 research university while continuing to live a half-hour away from world-famous ski resorts and hiking spots. On top of co-chair for HSAC, Hannah is also the resident advisor for the Sage Point First Year Honors LLC and a research assistant in the University of Utah Psychology Department.





Emily Hug is a double major, studying ballet and kinesiology, with a minor in French. She is from Plymouth, Michigan, but chose the U! She loves the University of Utah because there is a Starbucks just across the parking lot from the dance building, which is what often helps her get through her 8am to 8pm days at the studio.






Jacqueline Mumford is a double major in Marketing and Political Science who loves television, Candy Crush and the University of Utah. She is from Las Vegas and still hasn’t really adjusted to the snow quite yet. When she’s not working with HSAC, Jacqueline also writes for the Daily Utah Chronicle and Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.






Jiahui or Karen Chen is majoring in computer science with a math minor. She went to high school in South Jordan, UT, but was born in China and grew up in California and Utah. One of the reasons she loves the University of Utah and its Honors College is the great amount of opportunity and involvement available for students. In Jiahui’s spare time she plays tennis and the violin, she’s a member of the University of Utah’s Tennis Club and Campus Symphony.