Co-curricular activities provide more opportunities to get involved with Honors. Through their participation, students will find support, enrichment, skills and connections that can only be gained outside of the classroom.    

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 The Network

Network-with-SotomayorA community of first generation and/or students of color that provides enhanced educational opportunity for a multicultural cohort of first-generation college students who have achieved the dream of higher education through personal initiative and academic excellence.

The Network meets monthly during Fall and Spring semesters.

Meetings center around group activities, exploration of University resources, finding your place in the Honors College and the University, mentorship, actualizing potential and support.

JOIN TODAY by emailing your name and UnID to Erica Rojas and Jennifer Wiseman



The Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) represents the Honors student voice, and participates in the Honors Policy Board and Honors Alumni Partnership Board. For more info, contact us at



Things that Matter

Join other students, Assistant Dean Patricia Rohrer and community members to discuss books, religion, the meaning of life – anything that matters!

Food is provided to spark creativity and conversation.

New members are always welcome. For more information contact Patricia Rohrer.

Reading Group

not currently meeting