Honors College Student Ambassadors

The role of the Honors Ambassador is to best showcase the Honors College to potential students. We do this through specific Honors recruitment events and by participating in on and off campus sponsored special events with schools and associations. Honors ambassador applicants must be currently enrolled Honors students in good standing. Ambassadors should be able to talk genuinely about their best experiences in the Honors College. Most of the ambassadors work will happen during evenings and weekends. A positive attitude, public speaking skills and a love for Honors are musts!

Ambassadors will receive $500 per semester (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020). The funds will be processed through scholarships and will go toward any outstanding tuition.  Any funds that are not paid towards tuition will be distributed directly to the Ambassador.

Ambassadors are expected to participate in ten or eleven events per semester.

Before filling out the application, please take a moment to view the required information and documents. As you cannot save your work and return at a later time, you must begin and submit the application in one sitting.

All uploaded documents must be saved as a PDF.

Please note the instructions for submitting a letter of recommendation below.

DEADLINE: April 15th 2019 by 5 pm

Letter of Recommendation

To complete your application, send one letter of recommendation to Jennifer Wiseman j.wiseman@honors.utah.edu or deliver to the Honors Center: 1975 DeTrobriand St. Bldg. 619 Fort Douglas.

Verify Application Statements