Newly Accepted Honors Student

Congratulations! You’ve just been accepted to the Honors College at the University Of Utah…now what?

A few steps are required before you begin at the University Of Utah.

  1. Students are required to pay an enrollment deposit to secure their place at the U. This payment is not due until May 1, 2019. However, you cannot register for mandatory orientation without payment. https:/ Confirming your intent to enroll is all that you need to do for the Honors College. The Honors College does not require an acceptance of your spot with Honors beyond this enrollment payment.

*If your enrollment payment is waived, no further action is required.

**If you plan to defer, enrollment payment is still required.

  1. Register for orientation. Honors holds special sessions with advisors during summer orientation. You will be informed of your Honors session day and time later in the year once you have registered for orientation. Should you attend an orientation for a summer start, or international orientation, please make a separate appointment with an Honors advisor during that time.
  2. Visit Honors (optional but highly recommended)
    • Honors hosts special Honors Choice Days and Information Session/Tours to help you determine if Honors is the best fit for you.
    • Honors Choice Days are the most comprehensive look at the Honors College. Guests will participate in sessions covering an overview of Honors, Housing, the student perspective and time with faculty and advisors. Tours of the Honors Residence are provided as an optional add on to the day. Three Choice Days are available in spring (February 9, February 16th or March 9th). All Choice Days are held on Saturdays and begin at 1:30pm, ending by 4pm. REGISTER
    • Honors Information Sessions/Tours are good alternatives for students who cannot participate in an Honors Choice Day. Led by exemplary current honors students, the information session/tour is an abbreviated option for accepted students who cannot attend an Honors Choice day and an excellent option for a prospective student. Your tour guides will overview the Honors College and important dates and deadlines. You will also tour one of the living spaces available to Honors students. Tours meet at 4:30pm, in the lobby of the Marriott Honors Community Building and are held on varying Mondays and Fridays. REGISTER
    • University Of Utah Red, White and U Day is a special University-wide date wherein all admitted students are invited to visit and learn more. The Honors College does participate in this day and will hold an information as part of the day’s events. Tours of the Honors residence will be included as an option. RWU Day will be held on April 6th, 2019. Your registration invitation email will be forthcoming from the UofU Office of Admissions.


**Honors students are NOT required to live in Honors Housing.**

Powerpoint information (with application screenshots) on Learning and Living Learning Communities

You can apply to live in for housing through the “Student Housing” square on your CIS profile. The 2019-2020 application opens Saturday, February 9th, with a priority application deadline of Sunday, March 10th. Applications received after this date will be reviewed only after all applicants meeting the priority deadline have received an Honors Housing offer.

All first year Honors students in Honors Housing live in one of our Living & Learning Communities (LLCs) (Click HERE to view). Each LLC requires specific course enrollment and participation. Some of these LLCs are configured as themed Honors Colloquia, organized as a maximal year-long cohort experience around a certain theme.

If you would like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Honors Housing, come to one of our Honors Choice Days or Honors Tours (register HERE).


  • Housing Application Opens: Saturday, February 9th
  • Priority Housing Application Deadline: Sunday, March 10th
  • Honors students are NOT required to live in Honors Housing
  • You may accept other on-campus housing while remaining in Honors Housing waiting pool

Starting after Sunday, March 10th, the Honors College will send housing offers via email where specific LLC requirements will be outlined. Your offer email will also contain the date by which you must accept or decline your offer, or alternatively, be returned to the waiting pool in hopes of receiving a placement in a different LLC. You may accept a different on-campus housing offer while remaining in the Honors Housing waiting pool. If you accept your Honors Housing placement, you will then be able to select your individual bed within your LLC.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough spots available to match the number of Honors Housing applications we receive. This means that we use a lottery process to offer students spaces in Honors Housing. However, all students who remained on the waitlist last year were eventually offered Honors Housing. If you are not interested or able to live on campus, you can independently organize; here is Facebook Group (click HERE) for the Honors Class of 2023!

Please contact Matt Kirkegaard at or 801-587-1608 with any HONORS housing questions or for more information. Have general housing questions? Call 801-587-2002.