What is Honors Housing?

All students living in Honors residence spaces are members of a Living Learning Community (LLC) or themed communities, in which a small cohort of students shares living space, along with selected classes and/or activities.

“Learning communities can offer more: curricular coherence; integrative, high-quality learning; collaborative knowledge-construction; and skills and knowledge relevant to living in a complex, messy, diverse world.”

Students who participate in these types of communities tend to earn higher grades, graduate on time and feel more connected to the university.

Learn more about Housing & Residential Education's timeline by clicking this link! General housing information can be found here.

What are the requirements for living in Honors Housing?

Good-standing with Honors College is exemplified by maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA and making progress on your Honors coursework. Students should enroll in at least one HON-designated course (minimum 3 credit hours) per semester until their Honors coursework is complete and they are working on their thesis.

First-year students must complete HONOR 1001 for the fall semester.

Exception requests for the coursework requirement for a particular semester can made via a form at the bottom of this page.


  • Create lasting connections within a Spanish speaking community
  • Improve and maintain your Spanish proficiency
  • Opportunities for meaningful cultural experiences that might include special invitations to special events, meetings with guest speakers, film screenings, and cultural events in the community.
  • Crear conexiones duraderas dentro de una comunidad hispanohablante
  • Mejorar y mantener su dominio del español en un espacio monolingüe
  • Aprovecharse de oportunidades para experiencias culturales significativas que pueden incluir invitaciones a eventos especiales, reuniones con oradores invitados, proyecciones de películas y eventos culturales en la comunidad
  • ¡Algunas becas de vivienda están disponibles!



Donna Garff Marriott Honors Community Building
Officers Circle Honors Houses 606 and 610

Sophomore through Senior Honors College students live together, mentored through the thesis process from preliminary planning and connecting, to research and on to the writing of the thesis. Students are connected to other honors students in their field of study as well as faculty in their home department.


Incoming first-year Honors students are encouraged to live with other Honors students on the Honors floors of the Kahlert Village or the Honors College SagePoint floor. Honors spaces stretch across all Kahlert Village towers and one floor in SagePoint ALL Honors spaces are welcoming of ALL majors. Students connect with other Honors College students and professors through courses and special programming/events.

Honors College Living Learning Communities (LLCs):

LLCs are designed to bring smaller groups of students together within a residence hall. These students will take HONOR 1001 together their first semester, which is an introductory course to the Honors College and the U. Additionally, students should enroll in at least one HON-designated course (of at least 3 credit hours) per semester.

**Accepted Students can apply for Honors Housing through their CIS portal in the HousingU application.

The groups also participate in out-of-class co-curricular activities.

  • Connecting with other first-year Honors students.
  • Required HONOR 1001 introductory course to familiarize yourself with the Honors College.
  • 2 additional HON-designated courses (examples: Honors Intellectual Traditions courses, Honors writing, Honors general chemistry)
  • Out-of-class special events and programming
  • First-year spots on the Honors Sage Point and Kahlert Village residence halls.

Accepted Students:

Each LLC is made up of a mix of students from different majors, interests, hometowns, etc.

**Honors students are NOT required to live in Honors Housing.**

You can apply to live in for housing through the “Student Housing” square on your CIS profile. The 2022-2023 application opens Thursday, February 10, with a priority application deadline of Thursday, March 10. Applications received after March 10 will be reviewed only after all applicants meeting the priority deadline have received an Honors Housing offer.

All first-year Honors students in Honors Housing live in a Living & Learning Communities (LLCs), which require students to enroll in Honors coursework in consultation with their Honors advisor.

If you would like to find out more about what it’s like to live in Honors Housing, come to one of our Honors Choice Days or Honors Tours. Additionally, you can discuss Honors with an advisor.

Honors students are NOT required to live in Honors Housing. You may accept other on-campus housing while remaining in Honors Housing waiting pool

Starting after Thursday, March 10, the Office of Housing and Residential Education (HRE) will send housing offers via email. Your offer email will also contain the date by which you must accept or decline your offer, or alternatively, be returned to the waiting list for a different space. If you accept your Honors Housing placement, you will then be able to select your individual bed. Housing registration occurs earlier than course registration, which opens during summer orientation.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough spots available to match the number of Honors Housing applications we receive, so we encourage you to fill out your application whether or not you have committed to the U yet.

Please contact honorshousing@utah.edu or 801-581-7383 with any HONORS Housing questions or for more information. Have general housing questions? Call Housing & Residential Education (HRE) at 801-587-2002.
University Housing Rates

Housing Application Opens
Priority Application Deadline

Beginning Fall 2020, upper division (sophomore to senior) Honors students in Honors Housing will occupy the entire Marriott Honors Community (MHC) and two historic houses on Officers Circle (OC 606 & OC 610). Residents in both areas will be part of the Thesis Mentoring Community.

Application Process:

  1. Submit your University Housing after it opens on February 10. You must complete this step before March 10 to have priority on any Honors spaces.
  2. Honors Housing spaces will be granted on a space-available basis after the March priority deadline. Honors current students are selected based on merit. Students who are actively pursuing their Honors degree, in good academic standing, and eager to participate in the Thesis Mentoring Community are most competitive.

    *We will continue to offer spaces after the priority deadline to those on the waitlist as spaces become available.

Honor Housing Class Exception Form

Honors Housing Class Exception Form
Are you currently living in Honors housing?
If so, where are you living?
For which semester are you requesting the exception?