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Travel the World and Study Abroad with the University of Utah’s Honors College

Our Honors program offers unique study abroad options that take you to special locations in South America, Europe and Africa.

You are a part of the most multicultural, multilingual, multi-ethnic and increasingly urban group of students in the world’s history. We know you are interested in issues around environmental sustainability, equity and justice, and health and healthcare but often have limited exposure to the complexities around these concepts.

The Honors College has developed some study abroad opportunities to explicitly bring scientists, engineers, humanists and artists together to investigate and explore complex issues. Very few universities provide this type of experience. Yet, we know that solutions to our most complex human challenges will come from collaborations across disciplines and integrative approaches to problem solving. The highest quality undergraduate education in the 21st century must include opportunities for students to simultaneously develop and practice scientific and quantitative literacy as well as historical, cultural, literary and political literacy.

Graduate and professions schools and employers will look at your applications to see that you have a diversity of in depth and real world experiences. The Honors College education, an Honors thesis and Honors study abroad options are all aimed to enhance and maximize your college experience.

View the overview of our programs, fill out our interest form, check out our honors college admissions  process page and see this article from the New York Times: Every Student Should Study Abroad.

Honors Study Abroad Options:

Honors Health in Context: Ghana, Africa

Young man standing feet away from elephant in Ghana

The Republic of Ghana, is a country located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the sub-region of West Africa.

Study community development and global health issues with world leaders

8 weeks in Ghana + 12 college credits + Board + Flights = a total cost of $8000

Ideal for any student interested in health careers including premed majors

Courses in: “Concepts of Health”, “Disease Ecology and Evolution”, “Community Development, Theory and Practice”.

Dr. Steve Alder and Dr. Melissa Watt lead students through coursework in context, on the ground in Ghana. Dr. Steve Alder is the President of the Ghana Ensign Campus and former director of Public Health at the University of Utah. Dr. Watt’s research focuses on understanding and addressing gender-specific health issues in sub-Saharan Africa, with specific attention to HIV, substance use, and mental health, and the application of mixed methods to understand health behavior and develop culturally salient interventions.

Ghana Health in Context Application

Application review starts October 1st, 2019. Contact Amber Thackeray a.thackeray@honors.edu for questions.

Honors Ecology & Legacy: Patagonia, Argentina

Part of an integrated minor where Honors students earn all of their honors core and elective credits

9 college credits for 6 weeks in Patagonia, Argentina, Centennial Valley, Montana and the Great Salt Lake 

3 college credits + board and program fees = $3300 + Students pay their own flight costs and the University costs for 6 credits of summer courses*

Ideal for any student interested in the environment. Fits in well with engineering, science and social science majors.

The program will explicitly make connections between ecosystems in the western USA and in Patagonia, Argentina thereby allowing students to understand broad patterns, similarities and differences in arid, rich, but sensitive landscapes, across cultural and political spectrums.

Lead by world renown whale biologist, Luciano Valenzuela and Argentine marine biologist. Guest lectures by experts in the sciences, arts and the humanities.


Honors Ecology & Legacy: Tanzania, Africa

Part of an integrated minor where Honors students earn all of their honors core and elective credits

9 college credits for 6 weeks in the Serengeti of Tanzania

8 weeks in Tanzania + 12 college credits + Board + Flights = a total cost of $8000*

Ideal for any student interested in international studies, global change, community development, cultural development, anthropology, wildlife conservation and the  environment. Fits in well with engineering, science and social science majors.

Lead by the Honors Dean, Dr. Sylvia Torti a tropical biologist and Dr. Fraz Goller who researches evolutionary biology, neurobiology and physiology.


Honors Intellectual Traditions Reacting to the Past: Paris, France

Students in front of Paris's Arc de Triumphe4 weeks in Paris mid-May to mid-June

3 college credits + Board = a total cost of $5100 + students pay flight costs*

Ideal for any Honors student. Intellectual Traditions is a required course of honors students.  Fits well with the Eccles School of Business summer study abroad options.

Reacting to the Past students have the opportunity to experience a unique role-playing curriculum in which they take the place of historic figures and experience history in a new way. Moving beyond traditional lectures and readings, each Reacting to the Past class or game will investigate a unique moment in history as students debate, argue, and reenact the concerns, protests, and difficult decisions of historical figures. The Paris version allows students to act out historical happenings in the birthplace of democracy.

Lead by Honors Asst. Dean, Dr. Patricia Rohrer who has trained in this very innovative teaching technique. ” I love to teach because I love to learn”.


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