Honors Faculty Advisors

The Honors College and departments across campus have provided an Honors Faculty Advisor for students in every college. Faculty advisors can help you explore ideas for your thesis, connect with other faculty in the department to supervise your thesis work and, in some cases, develop a plan to complete Honors track requirements.

Departmental Honors tracks have specific course requirements that must be completed to earn an Honors degree. Students need to meet with the Honors Faculty Advisor in their department to be admitted to the Honors track and fulfill track requirements. Confirm whether your major has an Honors track in the table below.




Honors Advisor


Architecture + Planning College Advisor Grant Allen grant.allen@arch.utah.edu
Architecture Mira Locher locher@arch.utah.edu
City & Metropolitan Planning Keith Bartholomew bartholomew@arch.utah.edu
Multi-Disciplinary Design Elpitha Tsoutsounakis elpitha@design.utah.edu
Business Undergraduate Advising Services (academic advising) advising@eccles.utah.edu
Accounting (thesis advising) Shannon Charles Shannon.Charles@Eccles.Utah.edu
Finance (thesis advising) Matt Ringgenberg matthew.ringgenberg@eccles.utah.edu
Information Systems, Operations Management (thesis advising) Vandana Ramachandran vandana.ramachandran@eccles.utah.edu
Marketing (thesis advising) Paul Dowling paul.dowling@eccles.utah.edu
Business Administration (thesis advising) Jess Taverna Jessica.Taverna@Eccles.Utah.edu
Entrepreneurship (thesis advising) Brad Williams Brad.Williams@Eccles.Utah.edu
Management (thesis advising) Harris Sondak harris.sondak@eccles.utah.edu
Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations (QAMO thesis advising)  Scott Shaefer scott.schaefer@eccles.utah.edu
Operations and Supply Chain (thesis advising) Vandana Ramachandran vandana.ramachandran@eccles.utah.edu
Education Elementary Education Mary Burbank mary.burbank@utah.edu
Special Education Robert O’Neill rob.oneill@utah.edu
Engineering College Advisor Dianne Leonard dleonard@coe.utah.edu
Bioengineering Kelly Broadhead kelly.broadhead@utah.edu
Chemical Geoff Silcox geoff@chemeng.utah.edu
Civil & Environmental Michael Barber michael.barber@utah.edu
Computer Science Erin Parker parker@cs.utah.edu
Electrical & Computer Neil Cotter necotter@ece.utah.edu
Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) Corrinne Lewis corrinne.lewis@utah.edu
Materials Science Dinesh Shetty d.shetty@utah.edu
Mechanical Ashley Spear ashley.spear@utah.edu
Fine Arts College Advisors Eric Schmitz eric.schmitz@utah.edu
Jennifer Mc Laurin jennifer.mclaurin@utah.edu
Andrew Grace andrew.grace@utah.edu
Samuel Banford samuel.banford@utah.edu
Art Wendy Wishcher wendy.wischer@utah.edu
Art History Jessen Kelly jessen.kelly@utah.edu
Ballet Chris Alloways-Ramsey callowaysramsey@gmail.com
Film and Media Arts Connie J Wilkerson connie.wilkerson@utah.edu
Modern Dance Chris Alloways-Ramsey callowaysramsey@gmail.com
Music Elizabeth Craft elizabeth.craft@utah.edu
Theatre Tim Slover Slover31@comcast.net
Health  Speech and Hearing Science  Janet Shaw  janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Athletic Training Janet Shaw janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Exercise and Sports Science  Janet Shaw  janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Health Promotion and Education (HPE)  Janet Shaw  janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Parks, Recreation and Tourism  Janet Shaw  janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Physical Ed Teacher Education (PETE) Janet Shaw janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Recreational Therapy Janet Shaw janet.shaw@hsc.utah.edu
Humanities Asian Studies Kim Korinek kim.korinek@soc.utah.edu
Communication Tasha Seegert n.seegert@utah.edu
English Disa Gambera d.gambera@utah.edu
History Eric Hinderaker eric.hinderaker@utah.edu
International Studies Hugh Cagle hugh.cagle@utah.edu
Languages and Literature Margaret Wan margaret.wan@utah.edu
Latin American Studies Claudio Holzner claudio.holzner@poli-sci.utah.edu
Linguistics Aaron Kaplan a.kaplan@utah.edu
Middle East Nathan Devir nathan.devir@utah.edu
Peace and Conflict Studies David Derezotes david.derezotes@socwk.utah.edu
Philosophy Lex Newman lex.newman@utah.edu
Religious Studies Nathan Devir nathan.devir@utah.edu
Writing and Rhetoric Studies Maureen Mathison maureen.mathison@utah.edu
Law Pre-law Amy Urbanek aurbanek@uc.utah.edu
Medicine Medical Laboratory Science Diana Wilkins Diana.Wilkins@utah.edu
Pre-medicine John Nilsson jnilsson@uc.utah.edu
Mayumi Kasai mkasai@uc.utah.edu
Mines and Earth Sciences College Advisor Barbara Nash barb.nash@utah.edu
Nursing Lauri Linder lauri.linder@nurs.utah.edu
Sara Simonsen  Sara.Simonsen@nurs.utah.edu
Science  Biology Michael Bastiani bastiani@biology.utah.edu
Chemistry Tom Richmond richmond@chem.utah.edu
Mathematics Alla Borisyuk borisyuk@math.utah.edu
Angie Gardiner advisor@math.utah.edu
Physics Tamara Young tamara@physics.utah.edu
Social and Behavioral Science Anthropology Shane MacFarlan shane.macfarlan@anthro.utah.edu
Health, Society and Policy Rebecca Utz rebecca.utz@soc.utah.edu
Economics Rudiger von Arnim rudiger.vonarnim@economics.utah.edu
Environmental Studies Brett Clark brett.clark@soc.utah.edu
Family & Consumer Studies Lori Kowaleski-Jones lk2700@fcs.utah.edu
Geography Summer Rupper summer.rupper@geog.utah.edu
Political Science David Paul Carter david.carter@mpa.utah.edu
Psychology Trafton Drew trafton.drew@psych.utah.edu
Sociology Claudia Geist claudia.geist@soc.utah.edu
Social Work Jason Castillo Jason.Castillo@socwk.utah.edu
School for Social and Cultural Transformation Ethnic Studies Edmund Fong Edmund.Fong@utah.edu
Gender Studies Kim Hackford-Peer kim.hackford-peer@utah.edu

Last updated August 2017