Policy and Social Justice

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Technological advances and globalization have driven rapid social and cultural change in the world today, change which has manifested itself in interesting and sometimes difficult ways in our communities. Students in Honors take their privilege of studying at an excellent, publically funded research institution seriously and engage in theoretical and practical work at the nexus of policy, justice and intergenerational dialogue. Students and faculty challenge one another to carefully consider questions about democracy, equity, inclusion, policy and justice. Here ideas, such as the Excess Program — bringing food to needy communities, and Science and Pedagogy — in which students work at local Title I schools, become actionable initiatives.

Highlighted Courses

  • HONOR 3100: Life Through the Lens
  • HONOR 3100: Hip Hop and Social Justice
  • HONOR 3425: Critical Race Theory
  • HONOR 3161: Comparative Legal Systems
  • HONOR 3214: Civil Rights Law
  • HONOR 3950: Muslim Women’s Voices