Sylvia Torti


I grew up in Salem, Ohio, with an Argentine father and American mother, completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at Earlham College and then my PhD in Tropical Ecology at the University of Utah. I’ve lived and worked in Europe, Africa and Latin America and speak English, Spanish and Danish. Post-graduate school, I pursued creative writing, led Writers at Work in Salt Lake City and participated in artist residencies at Hedgebrook (Whidbey Island, WA), Sacatar, Brazil and Centre di Arte i Naturi (Farrera, Spain).

In my work, I try to find the places where disciplines intersect. In particular, I’m interested in the ways that science and the humanities can probe one another and potentially deepen our understanding of important human questions. I am part of an interdisciplinary collective Mapping Meaning.

Honors Classes

HONOR 2600 Science and Storytelling, Learning Community
HONOR 2700 Comparative Ecology: Species Interactions
Honors Ecology & Legacy Integrated Minor

Works Links


CAGES (a novel). Will be published in Spring 2017 by Schaffner Press.

The Scorpion’s Tail (a novel)

Short Stories
Space Around a Heart
Light Dawns in a Congolese Rainforest (essay)
Bread and Stone


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