Ann Engar


I was born in Ohio but grew up in southern California. I attended Stanford University as an undergraduate and University of Washington for graduate work in English. Soon after receiving my Ph.D., I moved to the University of Utah where I have enjoyed students for over thirty years.

Teaching is my passion—I love seeing students expand their thoughts, sharpen their skills, and work together in learning communities. My own teaching has transformed from lectures to group discussion and activities, especially role-playing in Reacting to the Past. I coordinate the Intellectual Traditions program, direct and teach Pre-Law LEAP, serve as a Distinguished Bibliographer for the Modern Language Association, and am an affiliate of the Bennion Center. My students have rewarded me with many teaching awards, including the University Distinguished Teaching Award and Distinguished Honors Professor (twice).

Honors Classes

HONOR 2101 Intellectual Traditions: The Ancient World (beginnings to 100 CE)
HONOR 2102 Intellectual Traditions: The Development of the Common Era (100 to 1600 CE)
HONOR 2103 Intellectual Traditions: The Modern World (1600 to the present)
HONOR 2105-2107 Reacting to the Past (Role-playing classes covering the same periods as the regular IT sequence)

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