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Planner for an Honors Bachelor Degree

The following student course planners outline the requirements of an Honors Bachelor degree. They also list the University’s general education and graduation requirements that can be satisfied with Honors courses.

Planner for students who began study with Honors

Contact your Honors Academic Advisor with questions.


The University’s degree audit system, DARS, allows you to monitor progress toward your major, the University’s general education and graduation requirements, as well as the Honors Degree.

To generate a DARS report, first log in to CIS. Under the Graduation heading click “Generate Degree Audit Reports.” Select the catalog year (the year in which you entered the University), then select your major with the Honors designation. For example, if you were pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, you would select “BIOLHBA — BIOLOGY – HONORS.”

For a report with Honors Degree requirements only, select “HONOR — HONORS DEGREE” as your major.