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Kyle Carsey

Business, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Health


Kelly O’Neill

Undecided, Architecture & Planning*, Cultural & Social Transformation,

Fine Arts, Social & Behavioral Science*, Social Work


Ginger Smoak

Humanities, Undecided


Aaron Reynolds

Science, Education, Nursing, Biomedical Engineering, Medical & Laboratory Sciences


Sarah Dyer

In Training



Dominique Blanc

Honors Internship Advising


Advising Philosophy

Honors Advising fosters a supportive environment where Honors students feel empowered to pursue and achieve their educational and professional goals. Advisors serve as a bridge connecting students to opportunities tailored to their interests. Honors advisors and students work together to develop academic plans, explore campus and community resources, and set attainable goals.

Honors students can expect:

  • Professional and friendly advisors who are well-versed in their academic areas of interest
  • Assistance with integrating Honors Degree and major(s) requirements and developing timely graduation plans
  • Guidance and support throughout the Honors Thesis process
  • Relevant connections to internships, faculty mentors, resources and unique opportunities that will further enhance their undergraduate experiences

Scheduled appointments are often held at the Fort Douglas Honors Center, but they are also held in other locations.  Please check your meeting confirmation to verify.

Planner for an Honors Bachelor Degree

The following student course planners outline the requirements of an Honors Bachelor degree. They also list the University’s general education and graduation requirements that can be satisfied with Honors courses.

Planner for students who began study with Honors

Additional Honors Advising

*Some majors in this college have an Honors track with specific course requirements that must be fulfilled to earn your Honors degree. See our Honors Faculty Advisor Directory to determine whether your department has an Honors track.