Health Integrated Minor


Develop interdisciplinary, systems-level thinking around issues of population health in order to understand and address health outcomes and achieve greater health equity and healthy societies.

Take courses in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to develop a deep and nuanced understanding of the historical, social and environmental ecology of health and illness over place and time.

Complete your Honors requirements in a coordinated fashion around a common theme and with a cohort of peers.

“I loved every second of my experience in Ghana and felt so lucky to spend time in such a beautiful place with such amazing people. I gained valuable experiences engaging with local communities. Through this opportunity, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and further develop my communication and leadership skills. I wouldn’t have traded this once-in-a-lifetime experience for anything!”

-Tessa Truman

Students in the Honors Integrated minor will choose from two tracks: Ghana (focusing on global health and including a 6-week experience at Ensign College) and Utah (focusing on US health disparities and including local community engagement).

The program is directed by Dr. Melissa Watt, Associate Professor in Population Health Sciences.

If you are an incoming or current Honors College student and are interested, apply to the Honors Integrated Minor in Health. Students will be admitted on a rolling basis until the cohorts are full.


  • Who: 25 Honors students (accepting ~10 new applicants)
  • What: 1 course Fall 2021 + 2 courses Spring 2022 + 3 courses Summer 2022 in Ghana
  • Where: 6 week summer intensive at Ensign College of Public Health, Ghana
  • Cost: Approx. $8,700 (includes flight, tuition, room, and board), with scholarships available
  • Download curriculum overview
  • DEADLINE: August 11, 2021



  • Who: 15 Honors students
  • What: 2 courses Fall 2021 + 2 courses Spring 2022 + 2 courses
  • Where: All courses at the University of Utah. Some excursions may be added
  • Download curriculum overview
  • DEADLINE: August 11, 2021