Absolutely! The Honors College strongly believes in the interconnections of ideas and practices. Each major on campus has an Honors Faculty Advisor. If you have specific questions about how your academic major benefits from Honors, contact one of our Honors Academic Advisors.

Absolutely! We highly encourage students to pursue individualized courses of study. If you plan on double majoring, the best way to make sure you are meeting all the requirements of your degrees and Honors, is to meet with your Honors Academic Advisor as soon as possible.

There is no extra tuition charged for being in the Honors College, however there is a mandatory $75/semester fee whether or not you enroll in Honors specific courses. This fee supports Honors activities, events, advising and special Honors opportunities.

There is no requirement that you take an Honors class every semester or even every year. However, we highly recommend that students stay connected with the college and their fellow Honors students through courses, activities, and events.

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Each year we set a priority application date of November 1st for entering first years and transfers.  We have a hard deadline of February 1st for entering first years and transfers.

Current students can apply at ANY time. We admit current students each semester and release those decisions once grades post for the semester in which you apply.

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Yes. Most Honors classes fulfill some type of General Education or Bachelor Degree requirement.

Yes. Some majors offer Honors sections of courses (designated with a HON distinction)

No, Honors College students can take any honors courses (HONOR) they would like.

Yes. Honors classes have no more than 30 students per class. Usually, the classes have fewer than 20 students.

The Honors College selects professors known for their scholarship and teaching excellence.

Many Honors students enter the College with AP credit, concurrent enrollment credit, or an IB experience. The average incoming first year student enters with about 30+ college credits. These credit hours will help you satisfy General Education requirements and proceed toward graduation. These credits do not waive any of the Honors requirements.