Degree and Course Planner

Planner for an Honors Bachelor Degree

The following student course planners outline the requirements of an Honors Bachelor degree. They also list the University’s general education and graduation requirements that can be satisfied with Honors courses.

3 Electives
4 Core
1 Thesis
Honors Degree

Planner for an Honors Bachelor Degree

Planner for students who began study with Honors prior to Fall 2014 or during or after Fall 2014. The Honors Degree requires successful completion of the courses below. Find a printable Honors Student Course Planner here.

Honors Planner

  • Two semesters of the Intellectual Traditions series – HONOR 2101-2109, 2810
  • One semester of Honors science – (Deductive Logic, Global Environmental Change, Human Disease, Intro to Aging, etc.)
  • One semester of Honors Writing – HONOR 2211 or 3200