Thesis Completion Timeline

You have your thesis topic and mentor, now the real work begins. Here are the steps you need to take to complete your Honors thesis.

*Note: Dates are for a Spring graduate, modify accordingly if you are graduating in a different semester

Write your Thesis: Third and/or Fourth Year

Turn in Completed Thesis Proposal Form to the Honors Center

By fall semester of senior year the Honors Thesis Proposal Form must be signed by your Honors Faculty Advisor and your Thesis Faculty Mentor.

Sign up for **** 4999 (Honors Thesis Course in your major)

4999 is a 3 credit hour class in your major, which indicates you are working independently with your supervisor on your thesis. Talk to your Honors Faculty Advisor or major academic advisor to receive a permission code.

Also make sure your major advisor has declared you for an Honors Bachelors Degree in your major (HBA, HBS, HBFA etc.)

Write your Thesis!

Be sure to meet with your Faculty Mentor to agree on a schedule for reviewing your progress, submitting drafts, making final revisions, etc. Theses with approval signatures are due to the Honors College by the last day of classes of the semester in which you plan to graduate. Please use the Thesis Formatting Template for your final thesis.

Tara Streng

Present & Publish your Work

Honors students are required to present their thesis work at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at the U or another approved research conference.

Publish in the U’s Undergraduate Research Journal :

Click here to submit – students must submit on their own behalf

Journal submissions are accepted year-round for online publication each summer

Final Submission of your Thesis

Finish Thesis

By the end of March

Your final Honors Thesis will require signatures from your Thesis Faculty Mentor, Honors Faculty Advisor, and Department Chair before you submit it to the Honors College. Signed and approved theses are due to the Honors College the last day of classes of the semester in which you are graduating. Please give yourself and Faculty Mentor  at least three weeks to make final revisions and collect your three signatures.

Use the Thesis Formatting Template for your final thesis.

Submit Thesis for Library Thesis Award

Early to mid April

Students who finish their thesis by April 1st may submit their thesis to be considered for the J. Willard Marriott Library Honors Thesis Award. Your nomination for the award includes a final electronic copy of your thesis and a letter of support and nomination from your Thesis Faculty Mentor sent to Aaron Reynolds (

Submit Final Copy of your Thesis to the Honors College

Last day of classes (not finals)

  • Submit a final paper copy of your thesis to the Honors College together with at least one signature sheet with the approvals of your Thesis Faculty Mentor, Honors Faculty Advisor, and Department Chair.
  • Submit an electronic copy of your final Honors thesis. The Honors College will provide you with the upload link during your final semester.
  • Turn in a signed USpace Permission Form when you submit your thesis. USpace is the J. Willard Marriot Library’s institutional repository and provides permanent electronic storage for your work to be publicly available. If you have questions or concerns about making your thesis available through USpace, please contact the main Honors Office.
  • After submitting the final paper copy of your thesis (with the three signatures) and an electronic copy, the Dean of the Honors College (Dr. Sylvia D. Torti), will review and approve your thesis. Once approved and signed by the dean, the Honors College will notify you.


Graduation Process: Your senior year

Apply for Graduation

November 1st (Spring Graduation), June 1st (Fall Graduation), February 1st (Summer Graduation)

Schedule a graduation clearance appointment with your Honors Academic Advisor, prior to submitting your  graduation request form.

Apply for Undergraduate Research Scholars Designation

Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research’s website for deadlines.

Students who complete two semesters of research with a faculty mentor and present and publish their work (for example in the Undergraduate Research Symposium & Abstracts Journal) are eligible for this special transcript designation.

Attend Honors Reception

Early May

All Honors Bachelor Degree recipients are invited to attend the Honors College Degree Recognition Ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments. The J. Williard Marriott Library Honors Thesis Award winners will be announced during the reception.

Complete Honors Senior Survey


The Honors College values your opinion. Please take a few minutes to complete the Senior Exit Survey which will be emailed to you after graduation. Your feedback will help improve our programs and services.