Developing a Thesis

It’s never too early to start thinking about potential thesis topics. Below are some ideas for getting started!

Pre-Thesis: First and Second Year

Think About Potential Thesis Topics

While taking upper-level classes in your major, start thinking about what topics you like that are being discussed.  What interests you?  What sounds like a good project? Is there a paper, group project, or internship  you have completed and would like to continue or develop further? If you are in the sciences and are working in a research lab, is there a project you could start working on that might culminate in your thesis? Talk to your professors!  Based on your classes and other academic or research experiences, think about narrowing down to a more specific topic. See examples of theses in your major.

Develop a Thesis Topic: Second or Third Year

Attend a Thesis Information Session

Honors hosts detailed information sessions at the beginning of each semester about the Thesis process.  We will go over the process of how to find a topic and a Faculty Supervisor,  who you need to meet with and when, the format of the thesis, etc.

These sessions are not mandatory but we highly encourage you to attend. If you have individual questions, please feel free to make an appointment with Associate Dean Monty Paret or Director of Student Advising Erica Rojas.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Paret or Erica Rojas, please contact Erica at 801-587-1690 or

Meet with Your Department’s Honors Faculty Advisor
Meet with your department’s Honors Faculty Advisor to discuss potential topics and faculty members to serve as your Thesis Faculty Mentor. (If you are working in a research lab, usually the professor over the lab can be your thesis mentor.)
Meet with Thesis Faculty Mentor and Solidify Topic
Meet with your Faculty Mentor and confirm the topic and scope of your thesis.  Work together on creating a timeline for your thesis work, and establish how you will go through the revision and completion process. After you have finalized your thesis topic, submit a signed Honors Thesis Proposal form to the Honors College.