Learning Communities

Whatever your passion, interest and availability, Honors has a place for you!

The Honors College is a curriculum AND a community. There are many opportunities for students to become involved and dive deeper into their undergraduate education. Honors communities include Living Learning Communities and Learning Communities but can also be found through books groups, Intellectual Traditions lectures, Praxis Labs, undergraduate research opportunities and more.

Learning Communities GraphicLearning Communities

These Honors Learning Communities are designed for first year students who reside off campus or in non Honors on-campus housing.

Benefits for students include higher academic achievement, better retention rates, greater satisfaction with college life, improved quality of thinking and communicating, a better understanding of self and others, and a greater ability to bridge the gap between the academic and social worlds.
-The Powerful Potential of Learning Communities: Improving Education for the Future ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report Vol. 26


Learning Community students:

  • make a smoother transition from high school
  • connect with Honors faculty in and out of the classroom
  • deepen the connection with students, faculty, Honors and the U
  • amplify their interdisciplinary experience with Honors
  • grow academic and social communication skills
  • belong to a small community of motivated people
  • are supported by their classmates