Internships with Honors

Internships greatly enhance a student’s learning experience, giving them an opportunity to explore first hand the opportunities and challenges of their intended careers while gaining valuable real world skills. In order to support students who engage in these unique opportunities the Honors College provides credit for academically strong internship programs.

Hinckley Institute

Students can earn one Honors elective (3 credit hours) toward their Honors degree by completing an HON version of a Hinckley Institute Internship. Students are welcome to take multiple internships through Hinckley, however Honors will only award credit for one internship per regional level (i.e. local, national, and global). Students seeking Honors credit are expected to complete additional assignments within the context of their internship. For more details contact your Honors Academic Advisor.


Through Honors

Students can also gain elective credit through local and personalized internships. Upon receiving approval students will gain access to and a permission code for HON 3500: Honors Internship. For inquiries into this process please contact Dominique Blanc (

CSBS & Honors Internships


Dominique Blanc

Honors & CSBS Internship Coordinator
(801) 587-7359

While the Internship Coordinator may have Honors and CSBS specific internship opportunities available for application, the Internship Coordinator cannot place students in specific positions. Instead, the student and Internship Coordinator work together to ensure students are submitting quality applications to relevant and exciting internship opportunities.

Fill out a student interest form and book an appointment.

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The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Honors College have partnered to provide students the opportunity to work one-on-one with an Internship Coordinator. The Internship Coordinator can work with students to identify internships suited to personal preferences and interests or program requirements. Together, students and the Internship Coordinator will develop a timeline of collaboration, which could include any of the following services:
  • Internship and interest exploration
  • Internship search assistance
  • Resume and cover letter review and workshop
  • Application review
  • Interview skills development and mock interviews
  • Pre-, during-, and post-internship support