Learning Abroad

Cultural immersion greatly enriches a liberal arts and sciences education. To support students who pursue this opportunity, the Honors College provides credit for academically strong study abroad programs.

Honors Credit

Students can earn one Honors elective (3 credit hours) toward their Honors degree if taking non-Honors student abroad courses. Programs offered through the University of Utah Learning Abroad Office may be approved for Honors credit. To qualify for Honors credit, learning abroad programs must:

    • Be pre-approved by an Honors Academic Advisor
    • Meet for a minimum of 5 weeks
    • Carry at least 6 credit hours

Student responsibilities:

        1. Meet with your Honors Academic Advisor prior to program selection for pre-approval. Please bring information about the program(s) you are considering to this advising meeting.
        2. Earn a minimum grade of a B+ or above in the course.
        3. Write a 1,000 word reflection essay on your intellectual experiences abroad considering one or more of the following:
          • How did studying abroad complement your academic plans (e.g., your major or thesis)?
          • Summarize what you learned in terms of the discipline you studied abroad.
          • How did this experience change the way you understand some aspect(s) of your discipline or the discipline you studied abroad?
        4. Submit this form along with the essay to your Honors Academic Advisor within the first semester of your return. For example if you are doing a summer learning abroad program have your form and documents in by the end of the fall semester.

For applications and a full description of programs the University of Utah offers, please visit the Learning Abroad website.

Honors offers Honors College Faculty led study abroad options:

Intellectual Traditions in Paris


May 11- June 6 2020

Oxford Consortium

During this week long consortium students will engage an international cohort of peers through day long workshops and presentations to investigate the current condition of human rights as a philosophy and policy. As representatives of the Honors College and University of Utah at this international forum students will be selected for funding based on academic achievement and commitment to the pursuit of human rights. While attending the consortium students will be held to a high standard of behavior and engagement.

Integrated Minors

Integrated Minors fulfill all honors requirements around a theme, while living and working with a group of students in Utah, on campus and abroad.

Find more information here: https://honorspathways.org/https://honorspathways.org/