Upcoming Honors Courses


HONOR 4471: Science as Autobiography

Fulfills Honors Elective & SF requirements

TH / 10:45pm-12:05pm

With Distinguished Professor Emeritus Lark

A one time opportunity to work with Karl Lark

How did science change our way of life prior to, during and after WWII?


HONOR 3650: Muslim Women’s Voices

Fulfills Honors Electives & DV requirements

TH / 2:00pm-3:20pm

With Professor Caren Frost

Read autobiographies/memoirs of women, works of fiction, and one book of poetry from the Middle East and North Africa. Hearing these women’s voices will provide us with a view of current events in this region of the world.


HONOR 3214: Civil Rights Law

Fulfills Honors Elective, DV & BF requirements

W/ 3:05pm-6:05pm

With Professor Corper James, Esq.

An analysis of workplace discrimination and harassment–the most impactful Federal Law in American history