Upcoming Honors Courses

Summer ’18

First Session

HONOR 3425: Critical Race Theory

Fulfills DV, BF

3 credits

MW / 1:15-4:15pm / MHC

With Professor Laurence Parker

Racial Pasts, presents, and futures: What we are learning and un-learning about race and race theories.

HONOR 4473-Shakespeare in Cedar City

Runs July 10-August 2

Fulfills FF

$198 Course Fee (covers trip to Cedar City)

3 credits

T, Th/ 9:10-12:00pm / Honors Center

With Professor Jim Svendsen

Overnight class field trip to Cedar City runs Jul 20 – 22. If the class is full when you are permitted to enroll for summer semester courses, please email Erica Rojas at e.rojas@honors.utah.edu to be placed on the waitlist for this course.


Also Offering Honors Writing and ITs:

First Session May 14-June 20

HONOR 2103: Intellectual Traditions (HF)

T,Th 9:00-12:00pm

HONOR 2211: Honors Writing (WR2)

M,W 9:00-12:00pm

Second Session June 21-August 1

HONOR 2102: Intellectual Traditions (HF)

T,Th 9:00-12:00pm


Fall ’18


HONOR 3112-001: How not to lie with Statistics

Fulfills QB, QI

4 credits

MW / 11:50-1:10pm / MHC 1206B

With Professor Megan Reynolds

Designed for the math-minded and math-phobic alike, this course will introduce students to the fundamentals of statistics and their application in the social sciences. It is important to note that while some basic math skills are necessary to succeed in the course, emphasis will be placed on the conceptual underpinnings of statistics. Thus, advanced algebra may be helpful, but will not guarantee your success in the course. Efforts to grasp the concepts discussed, and their relationships to one another, will. We will study a wide variety of subjects this semester related (but not necessarily limited to) a.) the importance and language of statistics; b.) tabular and graphical “descriptive statistics” summarizing groups of data; and c.) “probability distributions” linking outcomes to their likelihood of occurrence; and d.) “hypotheses testing” evaluating the existence of a significant relationship between social factors.


HONOR 3475-001: Language Myths

Fulfills BF, QB

3 Credits

T,TH/ 10:45-12:05pm / MHC 1205

With Professor Aaron Kaplan

Revolving around an examination of popular beliefs about language and what actual research reveals about the veracity of those beliefs, this course draws on a range of disciplines, including linguistics, social science, and statistics.
Students learn that claims about language (and, by extension, nearly anything else) are
empirically verifiable and how to evaluate those claims. But this is not merely an exercise in
siding with the experts over the general public: through first-hand experience with research
(reading published studies and conducting their own), students gain an appreciation for the
complexities of research, and they learn to approach even scientifically backed arguments
with a critical eye.



HONOR 3910: Constructing the Ideal Human

Fulfills HF/Credit as an IT

3 Credits

MW / 11:50-1:10pm / MHC 1205

With Professor Eric Lauresn

The first part of this course will explore Soviet attempts to create New People, free of selfishness and exploitation, creative and fulfilled. The second part will examine how all these issues evolved after the horrors of the holocaust and the Stalinist purges, when technologies of the 20th century increasingly fell under question. Students will also explore the controversy over ‘Bodies: the Exhibition’ and read selections that inform current debates about the post-human and the transhuman.


HONOR 4471-001: Science as Autobiography

Fulfills SF

T, Th / 10:45-12:05pm / Honors Center 140

With Distinguished Professor Emeritus Gordan Lark

How did science change our way of life prior to, during, and after World War II? Study the scientists who helped shape the world we live in today, and the environment that aided in their discoveries.


HONOR 4790-001: American Religions

Fulfills DV, HF

T, Th / 10:45-12:05pm /

With Professor Colleen McDannell

Explore Islamic belief and rituals. Study Islam on our political stage. Experience the culture through guest lecturers and visits to local mosques.


HONOR 3850-001: Novel Writing Workshop

Fridays 2-5pm

With Professor Michael Gills

Year-long Novel Writing Workshop

apply by emailing Professor Gills