Drones and Society

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Move beyond stigmatizations of drone technology and consider the current discourse surrounding them.


With the United States’ campaign of targeted assassination of suspected terrorists around the world, the “drone” has rocketed into public attention. Public debate has continued and, as it has, the stigma of the drone as a technology solely devoted to warfare and surveillance has limited the discussion of its potential and actual role in society. Nevertheless, a growing contingent of innovators are putting drones to use across a broader spectrum, one that promises to increase the embeddedness of drones in our lives. In this course, students will explore the ways that drones are being imagined and made real in various realms of society, such as military affairs, environmental monitoring, law enforcement, agriculture, healthcare, disaster relief, journalism, and entertainment. This will be accomplished through a combination of readings, guest speakers, field trips, and in-field assignments.


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Drones and Society

HONOR 3374-002 

MW 3:00-4:20 pm

Fulfills BF and HON requirements


Sean Lawson or Avery Holton