Course Planner & Degree Requirements

Planner for an Honors Bachelor Degree

The following student course planners outline the requirements of an Honors Bachelor degree. They also list the University’s general education and graduation requirements that can be satisfied with Honors courses.

Planner for students who began study with Honors

The Honors Degree requires successful completion of the courses below. Find a printable Honors Student Course Planner here.

Honors Core

  • Two semesters of the Intellectual Traditions series – HONOR 2101-2109, 2810
  • One semester of Honors science – (e.g., Planets and Pedagogy, History of Physics, Modern Drug Discovery, Global Environmental Change, Science and Storytelling)
  • One semester of Honors Writing – HONOR 2211 or 3200

Honors Electives
NOTE: Departments with Honors tracks have specific or additional course requirements. Check with your Honors Faculty Advisor for more details.

  • HONOR Courses (e.g., American Institutions, Honors Calculus, Honors Core in Social and Behavioral Science, Honors Core in Physical and Life Science, Honors Core in Fine Arts, Honors Praxis Lab, etc.). Many of these also fulfill University General Education requirements
  • Departmental Honors Courses
  • Honors Internship (Partnership with Hinckley Institute, Clemente Teaching Fellows)
  • Study Abroad (with approval from the Honors College)

Thesis Work

  • Honors Thesis Course – 4999 in your major
  • Completion of your Honors thesis

Students who complete the Honors Degree requirements AND maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA will be awarded the Honors Degree.

Special Considerations and Policies

  • Honors students may not use AP, IB or concurrent enrollment to opt out of any Honors requirements. Student’s entering with those qualification will still be able to use them for general education and University wide requirements.
  • Honors students who have passed the AP English or English Literature exams, therefore fulfilling the lower-division writing requirement, may fulfill the Honors writing requirement by taking Honors 3200.
  • Students enrolled in the Honors College may also take classes offered through Departmental Honors if they have fulfilled the pre-requisites to do so. These Departmental Honors courses count as electives.
  • If a student who is no longer in good standing with the Honors College wishes to retake an Honors course, he/she must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in order to retake the course. In addition, he/she must wait to register for the course until Honors students in good standing have completed registration.
  • Transfer Exceptions (59+ credits): 6 classes are required for the Degree; 3 Core Courses, 6 credits of Electives, 1 Thesis Course & Thesis Project. Make an appointment with an Honors advisor for more information. Note: High school concurrent enrollment students are not considered transfer students.

Honors Certificate Honors students who complete 5 required courses (2 Intellectual Traditions, 1 Honors Writing and 2 Honors Electives) can apply for the Honors Certificate, click here.