Churchill Scholarship

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Churchill Scholarships offer American students of exceptional ability to pursue graduate studies (master’s degree) in sciences, engineering and mathematics for 9-12 months at the University of Cambridge based at Churchill College. The scholarships are highly competitive and covers tuition fees, and living expenses, and travel expenses.

  • Be a U.S. citizen (native born or naturalized)
  • Be a senior who is enrolled in classes or has graduated in the past 12 months
  • Hold a bachelor's degree by the start of the award and have not attained a doctorate
Application Material

  • Churchill Scholarship Application
    • 1-page Proposed Program of Study
    • 2-page Personal Statement
    • Correspondence with a potential lab supervisor (if applicable)
    • Transcripts
  • University of Cambridge Application
  • 4 letters of recommendations
  • University Endorsement
University Endorsement Process:
University endorsement is a competitive process and not guaranteed. Students seeking University of Utah endorsement must submit certain application components by the University’s deadline. The University of Utah may endorse up to 2 students per year for the Churchill Scholarship. The endorsement process requires an interview with the University-designated committee.
Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated academic excellence
    • There is no miminum GPA, but most applicants have a very high average
    • Achievement in STEM course, especially in the major, as indicated by course grades and recommendation letters
  • Proven talent in research
    • Applicants in the sciences and engineering will demonstrate extensive lab experience, internships, or other related work
    • Applicants in mathematics will show substantial independent work or other projects
    • The Churchill Scholarship Committee looks for originality and creativity
  • Outstanding personal qualities
    • The Churchill Scholarship Committee does not seek "well-rounded" applicants; instead, it seeks applicants with what they call interesting "jagged edges"
    • The Churchill Scholarship Committee takes into account interests and achievements outside of research, but it does not favor any particular kind of activity

  • Early May

    Churchill Scholarship Application Opens
    1. Select a course
    2. Register at the application web portal and fill out the online application
    3. Request 4 academic letters of recommendation
      • You should seek 4 people who are directly familiar with your academic or research work. They must submit their letters of recommendation through the online portal
      • When you request letters, they will receive an email linked to the instructions and an upload portal
    4. Apply to the University of Cambridge
      • The Churchill Scholarship is only tenable at Churchill College, so you must put Churchill College as your first choice on the Cambridge application
      • The scholarship is only for a 1-year Master's degree so your application must be for an MPhil or MASt, or in rare cases an MRes
      • Because of Cambridge's rolling admissions, the Churchill Scholarship committee strongly suggests that you apply by the deadline for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which is Mid-October
    5. Complete your online application
      • Compete your online application and press "SUBMIT"
      • If you are selected as a nominee by your institution, you may request to "unsubmit" your application to continue to work on it until close to the deadline
  • Late August

    University deadline
  • September 1

    University of Cambridge Application Opens
  • Early September

    University interviews for potential applicants
  • Mid-October

    University of Cambridge deadline
  • Early November

    Churchill Scholarship national application deadline
  • Early December

    Notification of finalist selection and interviews
  • Early February

    Notification of selection

  • 15 per year
Length of Scholarship

  • 1 year
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Contact Information

Director: Ginger Smoak

Advisor: Alison Shimko