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Admission Requirements









The Honors College seeks intellectually engaged, well-rounded students who care about the world they live in and want to contribute to their community.  Students who apply  and are accepted into the Honors College are making a commitment to a liberal arts curriculum and to pursuing an Honors Degree. Each student brings something unique: community engagement (including service, church, community groups, social justice, political activism), international experience, multicultural perspectives, or work experience.

New Admissions Requirements

Students applying for Fall 2014 Admissions: The Honors College accepts admissions applications from incoming first year, transfer and current University of Utah students. All applicants are expected to have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 (unweighted) at the time of application.

The Honors College and University priority deadlines have passed. Incoming first year and transfer students may still apply for admissions up until April 1; these applications may be accepted based on a holistic review and space availability.

Incoming first year and transfer students are encouraged to apply to the Honors College within their University of Utah general admissions application. However, students may apply to the Honors College separately if they did not apply to the Honors College in the general application. You must apply to the University before applying to the Honors College.

Please follow the following steps for application (if you did not apply to the Honors College with your general University of Utah application or if you are a current University of Utah student):

  1. Investigate the Honors College website and courses here. Decide whether you would like to pursue the Honors Degree requirements.
  2. Read the following essay prompt and write a thoughtful essay in response. We will also consider your grades, test scores, the rigor of your coursework and your involvement in extracurricular activities (included in your University application when applicable). Write, edit and proofread your essay before submitting it with your application. This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the Honors College. Let us see who you are and what you are passionate about. Demonstrate what qualities you would contribute to the Honors College.
    Essay Question (limit your response to 500 words) Shakespeare wrote: ”The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”. What major lessons have you learned in life and what do you hope to learn in college?
  3. Email your essay as a word or pdf document to Be sure to label the subject line with one of the following appropriate titles: INCOMING FIRST YEAR APPLICATION, CURRENT STUDENT APPLICATION or TRANSFER STUDENT APPLICATON.

And, you must include your full name (as listed on your application to the University) and university ID number (uNID) or birthdate.

Your essay submission is your application to the Honors College.

**Each application will be considered using a holistic review process. Grades, essay, test scores (if applicable) and extra-curricular activities will be weighed in our admission decision. **

First round admissions notifications will be released beginning February 2014 to those students who met the Priority Deadline. Students who applied after the priority deadlines will be notified in late March/early April.

Students may apply after the Priority Deadline. The Priority Deadline is encouraged for those students who are interested in Honors Scholarships, Honors Housing, Honors Scholars Groups, etc.

**The Honors College @ The University of Utah no longer accepts Summer admissions applications. Incoming students may only enter the College during Fall semesters. Current U of U students (students who have spent one semester of more at the U) may apply for Spring admission. Current students are encouraged to meet the priority deadline of November 1, 2013 for spring or fall admission.**


  1. Priority deadline is November 1, 2013.
  2. Incoming students should apply through the University of Utah’s general application.
  3. Incoming students and current students may apply by submitting their Honors essay following the directions above.
  4. Only current U of U students may apply for spring admission into the Honors College.
  5. Incoming students may only apply for fall admissions.
  6. Admissions for the Honors College 2014 entering class will close April 1.

We do not require letters of recommendation. Current University of Utah students are encouraged to seek letters of recommendations from U faculty. If you would like to have letters as part of your application, please have them sent to:

University of Utah Honors College
attn: Jennifer Ziarko
1975 DeTrobriand St
Bldg 619, Fort Douglas
Salt Lake City, Utah 84113

The Honors College honors University deferment. To defer acceptance to the University, please contact the Office of Admissions. Only approved deferment from the University will be accepted by the Honors College. The Honors College does not have a separate deferment policy (except for Access and Leadership Program students).

Honors College Mission

The Honors College at the University of Utah: the power of ideas to shape the world.

At the Honors College, dedicated teachers and motivated learners collaborate to build an innovative education environment where everyone is challenged to think, ask questions, take risks and explore the full scope of the world around them. The work is demanding, the standards are high, but here students acquire the intellectual tools that will enrich their lives and enable them to thrive in a rapidly changing global community.